Williamstown Cannons Policies, Procedures, Forms for Club Members, Coaches & Team Managers
Altona Bay Basketball Association (ABBA) Junior Competition Rules last updated 2016.
Here is a summary of the key ABBA rules for Coaches and Team Managers.
A copy of the full Westgate Competition By-Laws 2014.
Here is a summary of the Westgate Competition Rules for Coaches and Team Managers.
Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct for players.
Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct for spectators.
Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct for coaches
Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct for parents.
At both Altona and Westgate Competitions, players need to play a minumum number of games in order to qualify for finals.
Club's Concussion Management Policy...Coaches and Team Managers should retain a copy with them at all training sessions and games
If someone has been injured or an incident has occurred which should be reported to the Club Committee, please use this form to notify the Club Committee.
It is now a legal requirement that all Coaches and Team Managers have a WWCC. There is NO CHARGE to apply for and obtain a WWCC card for volunteers.
Proxy Form - Annual General Meeting
Committee Member Nomination Form


If you are new to the club as a coach, team manager or a player please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions pack.


This is the complete training schedule for all teams across all venues.


Resources for Williamstown Cannons team coaches
A domestic basketball coach guides, trains, and strategizes for a team within their leagues, ensuring players develop their skills and achieve their best performance on the court.
The Team Coaches Manual outlines the methodologies, drills, strategies, player development techniques, and team management best practices to effectively train and lead a basketball team.
A basketball coach's bag contains essential tools and resources, such as a whistle, clipboard with play diagrams, practice plans, dry-erase markers, first aid kit, stopwatch, and spare balls, serving the purpose of ensuring they are prepared for training sessions, games, and any unexpected situations that might arise.
The purpose of basketball training nights is to develop players' skills, improve team cohesion, implement and practice game strategies, and prepare players physically and mentally for upcoming games or competitions. Venues will primarily be situated in Williamstown and Altona. While the coach will be able to suggest training night schedules, they will ultimately depend on the venue's availability, as well as the schedules of parents and players.
Phone apps to help coaches managers manage their communications better and more effective.


Resources for Williamstown Cannons team managers
Team managers are usually a parent or guardian of a child in the team and play an important role. They support the coach and assist in ensuring the coach can do their job as 'coach' and not have to fuss with the administrative tasks of the team.
The Team Manager’s Manual outlines the role & responsibilities, use of Communication apps and how to score instructions.
Phone apps to help help team managers manage their communications better and more effective
Some Basketball Associations will be bringing in Electronic Scoring using tablets - it is relatively simple and easy to use. Attached is a Quick Reference Guide.
Everyone should take turns scoring at their child's game. Learn how to Score. A guide to using the landscaped scoresheets at the Altona Basketball Association.
Everyone should learn to score at their child's games. Here are instructions of scoring using the portrait scoresheets used at the Westgate Basketball Association.


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