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Official Basketball Rules

A link to the Basketball Victoria website which has the official basketball rules - note that in addition to these rules, new rules have been introduced in 2018 regarding "travel" and "unsportsmanlike" behaviour.

New FIBA Rules Introduced in 2018

New FIBA rules have been introduced in various Associations (Altona and Westgate in 2018 Winter) - these rules specifically relate to the "Travel" rule and the rules and interpretations surrounding "Unsportsman Like" conduct.

Cannons Coaching Manual

Aimed at new Coaches to the Williamstown Cannons Basketball Club, this Coaching Manual will provide you with information and guidelines to assist you as a coach of the Williamstown Cannons Basketball Club.

Basketball Basics

Basketball Basics: A basic explanation of the game, rules and player positions. An ideal handout for new players to basketball (and their parents!)
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