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Privacy Policy

Williamstown Cannons Privacy Policy

Team Selection Policy & Process

For details on how Williamstown Cannons slot players into teams

Waitlist Management Policy

For details on how Williamstown Cannons manages the waitlist priorities

Complaints and Grievances Policy

For details on how Williamstown Cannons manages complaints and grievances and how to make a complaint to the Club

Concussion Management Policy

Has there been a clash of heads? Read the Club's Consussion Management Policy here. Coaches and Team Managers should retain a copy with them at all training sessions and games

Child Protection Policy

From 1st January 2017, all sports clubs are required to have Child Protection Policies. The Child Protection Policies of the Williamstown Cannons Basketball Club can be found here

Training Timeslots - Policy and Priority

A document which outlines how Williamstown Cannons allocates training timelots

Refunds, Fee Waivers and Hardship - Policy and Procedure

A document which outlines Williamstown Cannons policies and procedures on refunds, fee waivers and financial hardships

Committee and Coordinator Discount Policy

A document which outlines the fee discounts applicable to voluntary Committee members and voluntary Coordinators
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