1992 (Winter): First season of the Williamstown Gunners Basketball Club. The uniform was a yellow singlet, white

                        number with black football shorts.

1992 (10th August): First interim committee formed for the Williamstown Gunners.

1992 (October, Summer season): Uniform was a yellow singlet with white number, and blue shorts.

1992 (November 9th): Name of the club changed to Williamstown Cannons.

1993 (February): First AGM of the Williamstown Cannons.

                           First use of colours to distinguish teams (e.g. blue / gold etc).

1995 (14th July): The club is formally incorporated as the Williamstown Cannons Basketball Club Inc.

1996 (February): Uniform is changed to a gold "mesh"-type singlet with blue shorts.

                           First "Cannon Shots" newsletter.

2000 (December): Christmas party is moved from W'town Nth PS to "Tumbles".

2001 (February): First club "Information Booklet" is put together by Kerry and Bob Jones.

2002 (May 22nd): 10th anniversary celebrations held at the Bristol Hotel.

2006: The Cannons' website "" is launched.

2006 (December): Christmas party is moved from "Tumbles" to the Fearon Reserve.

2007 (August): Monthly "Cannon Shots" e-mail newsletter commences.

2008 (Novemebr): Upgraded the uniform throughout the club to a glossy gold with yellow lenses, "Cannons"

                            name, white number, and clash tops.  

2009 (February): Royal blue "hoodies" introduced.

2009 (November): As a better way of identifying teams, the team names are changed to first three letters of the

                             coach's name.

2011 (August):   The club awards Life Membership to Mr. Mark Jennings and Mr. Andrew Fithall.


















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